Résumé of Philip Chu

Huntington Beach, CA
Email: resume@technicat.com
Web: http://www.technicat.com/


Objective Seeking challenging projects utilizing innovative software to create enriched consumer experiences, with a particular interest in open-source programming and the convergence of internet, multimedia, and wireless technologies.

Career Two decades of software development experience in a variety of roles, with projects spanning interactive entertainment, wireless internet, computer graphics, semiconductors and defense. Education Bachelors degree in computer science and engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a masters degree in computer science from Johns Hopkins University.


Interactive Entertainment

technicat Consulting Huntington Beach, CA
April 2002-Present
Providing software development, project management, production planning, game design and writing services. White paper published by the Nintendo Software Development Support Group. Open-source contributions to the Java FO-to-RTF (JFOR) and PS/2 Linux projects.
Hyper Entertainment Location-based entertainment spin-off from Sony. Burbank, CA
Senior Game Programmer
January 2001-June 2001
HyperBowl Lead programmer for attraction game installed in locations such as GameWorks, Jillians and the Sony Metreon. Optimized renderer, provided Mirai/GameExchange support, DirectSound fixes, Direct3D compatibility with latest nVidia graphics cards. Released arcade and French versions in May 2001. Java Swing, XML, Visual C++.

Wireless Internet

Univessence Digital Productions Multimedia technology and production studio Culver City, CA
October 2000-January 2001
Chief architect for a wireless information network. Windows CE, Visio. CAMPA Prototyped web collaboration tools using Java Swing and Mozilla .
Neomar Wireless internet startup San Francisco, CA
Technical Lead
December 1999-July 2000
Co-lead for development, from design to deployment in five months, of a WAP gateway supporting handheld devices such as RIM, Palm. Responsible for HTTP, transcoder, security and management implementation. Integrated Certicom SSL, JavaMail, JMX, JSSE, JTAPI. Performed web testing using Squid. Launched in May 2000 for the Motient wireless service. Unicode, XML, servlets, JProbe, SNMP, SAX. stock certificate

Computer Graphics

Digital Chameleon Computer graphics startup Los Angeles, CA
Vice President of Technology
January 1998-September 1998
Character Animation System Led development of a Java-based behavioral animation application on SGI Irix and Windows NT. Java Swing, Magician, NWorld, Nendo, JProbe, InstallShield for Java, Rainbow Sentinel LM, Acclaim mocap, Biovision mocap. CAS screenshot
September 1997-December 1997
Operating officer in a startup developing 3D graphics and animation products targeting film visual effects and game development.
Nichimen Graphics Computer graphics startup Los Angeles, CA
August 1997-November 1998
Mirai Implemented tessellator, debugged Win32 issues and multithreading bugs with nVidia graphics drivers.
Manager of Core Software
June 1996-July 1997
NWorld 3.2/FastTrack Responsible for core technology components and multi-platform support. Led a group of five programmers developing the company's first PC product, demonstrated at I/ITSEC and Siggraph, and completed within fifteen months. Liaison with graphics hardware ISV's and middleware vendors, including Intergraph, 3Dlabs, and Sun Microsystems. InstallShield, Visual C++, Win32. NWorld 3.1 Maintenance release, supporting SGI Octane and O2 platforms. Group manager responsible for all core libraries, including 3D rendering, image processing, licensing, installer, user interface and file system. Flexlm, libtiff.
Member of Technical Staff
December 1995-May 1996
NWorld 3.0 Replaced the IrisGL-based rendering and user-interface libraries with an OpenGL implementation, supporting SGI Impact and Indigo platforms. Allegro Common Lisp. NWorld 2.1 Systems programmer for a 3D modelling and animation package targeted at game development and visual effects for film. Fixed IrisGL compatibility problems with newly-introduced SGI Impact systems running IGLOO, the IrisGL emulator implemented in OpenGL.


BBN Research and development Cambridge, MA
Software Engineer
February 1994-November 1995
ARGUS 2.0-3.0 Development of a target signature database for the National Target/Threat Signatures Data System. secret clearance, Allegro Common Lisp, Cronus, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, HTML, CERN httpd, Perl, Tcl, Expect.
Science Applications International Government/military contractor Columbia, MD
Software Engineer
January 1993-January 1994
Warbreaker Migrated DIS platform to a C++-based networking library, VR-link in time for an exercise within two months. Maritime Synthetic Theater of War Developed and integrated Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) components for wide-area networked military simulations at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, deployed within five months. secret clearance, Perl, C, Lucid Common Lisp, SunOS. ARPA commendation
APL commendation
SAIC commendation
letter of appreciation
letter of appreciation
AURA University astronomy consortium Baltimore, MD
Software Engineer
October 1990-May 1992
Proposal Entry Processor Developed proposal processing software for astronomers working with the Hubble Space Telescope at the Space Telescope Science Institute. Perl, sed, awk, elisp, Common Lisp. NASA commendation
Hubble space aliens


Interval Logic Supply-chain management startup Menlo Park, CA
Senior Principal Software Engineer
April 1998-December 1999
Leverage for Scheduling 3.2 Technical lead for group of five programmers developing all desktop and web interfaces, installation and licensing components. Leverage for Scheduling 3.1 Technical lead for group of three programmers developing web, ActiveX and installer and licensing components of an automation system for semiconductor manufacturing. TogetherJ, Optimizeit, Java Swing, Metamata, Rainbow Sentinel, SourceSafe, Visio, MS Project. Leverage for Scheduling 3.0 Packaged a distributed manufacturing scheduling system for semiconductor fabs with Installshield and ObjectStore.
Senior Software Engineer
December 1998-April 1999
Leverage for Planning 4.2 Optimized semiconductor fabrication planning system using TclPro and TclJava. commendation letter
fast food employee of the month
MIT Cambridge, MA
Research Specialist
September 1989-September 1990
Database Accelerator Developed simulators and sample applications for a content-addressable memory (CAM) at the Microsystems Technology Laboratory. Macintosh Common Lisp , Think C. Content-Addressable Parallel Processor Developed simulator and cross-compiler for a SIMD parallel processor based on CAM units with conditional writes. Implemented image-processing algorithms. Xlib, Ultrix.
Texas Instruments Fortune 500 company Dallas, TX
Member of Technical Staff
May 1988-August 1989
DROID Development of a VLSI CAD system applied to products such as TI DRAM's. Responsible for technology library, routing and layout modules. TI Explorer, Zetalisp.



Johns Hopkins University Baltimore, MD
Ph.D. Candidate
September 1993-January 1994
Courses Automata and functional programming. Tutor Volunteer computer instruction for disabled children at Learning Independence through Computers.
M.S. Computer Science
September 1992-January 1993
Courses Algorithms, string-matching, machine vision and computer language theory. Research Assistant User interfaces for artificial intelligence planning systems at the NASA Ames Research Center. Teaching Assistant Teaching assistant for Computer Literacy undergraduate course. Tutor Volunteer instructor for children in the Johns Hopkins University Tutorial Project.
Southern Methodist University Dallas, TX
Graduate Studies
June 1988-August 1988
Courses Graph theory and software engineering.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA
Graduate Studies
February 1990-May 1991
Courses Computer architecture.
S.B. Computer Science and Engineering
September 1984-May 1988
Thesis: Exploiting Parallelism in Game-Playing Programs. Explored parallel game search algorithms on a 33-processor Lisp machine. Research Assistant User interface for START natural language system and implementation of PLOT3D machine vision tool on Symbolics Lisp machines at the MIT AI Laboratory. System Administrator Installed and maintained hardware and software systems at the MIT Advanced Study Program Technical Sales Consultant Technical sales and service at MIT Microcomputer Center. Technical Writer Authored technical press releases for Hennessie Public Relations. diploma
Phil, Jr.
Iowa State University Ames, IA
June 1983-August 1983
Chemical engineering laboratory internship in the Iowa State Summer Science Program for undergraduate credit.
West High School Iowa City, IA
High School Graduate
March 1982-May 1984
Laborary Assistant Assisted in study at University of Iowa Cancer Research Lab. Soccer team Varsity letter fullback. Chess club Captain, first and second board. School newspaper Associate Editorial Editor. Othello Freeware game running on Apple II. Honors National Honor Society. National Merit Semifinalist. Iowa State science award. Winner of soil conservation essay contest. Programmer Educational software development at CONDUIT (University of Iowa) diploma
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